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UMDNJ: Website created for bid proposal.

Cadets All Access
In the summer of 2006 Creative Video had a videographer travel with the Cadets Drum Corps and produce a daily 8 minute highlight segment that was edited on the road and uploaded daily to a FTP site. The 70 episodes created in this way were later authored and produced into a 5 DVD box set.
Video Email
In their effort to better market their bowl game events, Bowl Games of America had Creative Video start a video email marketing campaign for the Champs Sports Bowl. Creative Video created a promotional clip and website that was linked to from emails sent to band directors around the country.
Supercharged Aftershow

In an effort to increase poster sales for Bowl Games of America (BGA) events, Creative Video created the interactive Flash website BGA Aftershow. This site includes humorous and deleted clips from the souvenir DVDs of these bowl game events. BGA loved the idea so much, they've decided to use this as a marketing tool aimed at increasing attendance of their music festivals. Creative Video is in the process of creating an all new BGA Aftershow for BGA in 2008.

BGA Supercharged
Creative also created a promo piece called BGA Supercharged, aimed at promoting all of their bowl game events.

NJCAP Access

New Jersey Center for Assault Prevention (NJCAP) approached Creative Video to find a way to increase the efficiency of their data entry process. NJCAP receives completed forms from it's coordinators that were then entered into a Microsoft Access 2003 Database. Creative Video developed a solution so that the coordinators could enter that form information into a secure online database viewable through MSAccess 2003. This removed the major time investment in NJCAP entering the mailed forms into their local database.

Creative Video has also produced eight instructional and promotional videos for NJCAP & ICAP over the last 12 years.

Welcome to Creative Video
CV Corp
In today's multi-media driven society more businesses are realizing on a daily basis that they need a reliable firm to supply them with state of the art videography and web design. Creative Video is the corporate video production company you can rely on for virtually multimedia project. From storyboarding to DVD replication, all modern production needs are covered. Using advanced equipment and the most up to date software systems, the team at Creative Video is able to give your video or web project nothing less than the most professional attention possible.
Working With Educators
Salem County

Rutgers University had Creative Video produce and package a Souvenir DVD for their 2005 Dance Marathon benefiting the Institute for Children with Cancer & Blood Disorders. Creative Video also produced a three minute promotional DVD that was very motion graphic intensive and captured the feel, emotion and best moments of the entire event.

Salem County Vocational Technical Schools had Creative Video produce four recruitment videos and one Youth Mall Anger Management informational video for their school system. The recruitment videos were used to increase enrollment, promote program opportunities and student awareness of the technical school and academy programs. The videos were then transferred to DVD, VHS and Flash formats for distribution.

Experience in Medical Subjects
Molly K
Heart Attack

RifkinNutritionist Molly Kellogg had Creative Video shoot with multi-cameras video vignettes which she uses in her national seminars. The vignettes were edited then converted to Windows Media files for use within her PowerPoint Presentation. The vignettes covered fourteen different medical, mental and nutritional exercises and role-plays.

Creative Video created a series of clips about how high cholesterol leads to heart attacks in promotion of the Rifkin Diet.

Instructional Video: The Making of History
MJ Video

Creative Video was contacted by Sony Music to create an instructional video for Michael Jackson called "The Making of History", detailing the manufacturing process of his History album. Creative Video shot footage and interviews on site at the plant.

The experienced staff of Creative Video is ready to create a corporate training video for you that is informative, instructional and entertaining. Your training project does not need to merely be a well-shot lecture. It can take advantage of professional production techniques and be something that you are proud to show your employees. Allow Creative Video's DVD production company to create a production that will teach your people as it entertains them instead of boring them to the point that they are no longer paying attention. Professional production is finally within your reach.

Professionally Built Websites

Creative Video is not only an experienced producer of video and print products, but is an adept web developer. Websites we've created include:

Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
Creative Video also offers graphic design services, including product branding, logo design, and desktop publishing. The following are flyers in PDF format describing our services.
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